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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
1:01 pm
Two words I absolutely hate to see in music reviews:

- Jangly
- Clanging

That is all.
Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
11:15 am
A small chuckle for the day
Go to google.com
Click "maps"
Click "get directions"
Type in "New York" in the "from" location
Type in "London" in the "to" location.
Get the directions and scroll down to Step #23
Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
2:19 am
How do you know if you're a good person or not?
Monday, May 1st, 2006
8:50 pm
Yeah sure I'll do it too
1. Spell your first name backwards:

2. Story behind your myspace name?
It's "callmeaaronplease" just because I really get tired of only known by my last name

3. What month were you born?:
October. I was supposed to be born in August, but the German doctors were way off for some reason. Long story...ask my mom.

4. Where do you live?
East Lansing. Ypsilanti. My car. San Jose in three weeks.


5. Wallet:
Black Triple 5 Soul that I got from Urban Outfitters for $1 my freshman year

7. Toothbrush:
I think it's blue and white...Aquafresh brand

8. Jewelry worn daily:
You'll rarely see me in a necklace of some sort, much less anything else

9. Pillow cover right now:
Green plaid courtesy of Martha Stewart Everyday

11. Underwear:
I'm rockin it old man style today...haven't done laundry in a while

12. Best Friend:
Probably my brother. And David.

13. Sunglasses:
Don't wear them at all, but I'm going to start pretty soon.

14. Favorite shirt:
It's a shirt I've never worn at all. It's a red t-shirt I got from Target two years ago that says "Germany '84" on it, because I was born in Germany in 1984.

15. Cologne/Perfume:
I have my "everyday" cologne, Aramis; my "feeling active and sporty" cologne, Nautica; my "damn, I'm hot" cologne, Hanae Mori; and my "special occasion/job interview/family get-together-type" cologne, Lagerfeld

16. CD in stereo:
Mariah Carey, "The Emancipation of Mimi" Ultra Platinum Edition. Yeah, you know it.

17. Piercings:
None, thanks


18. Wearing now:
Orange Ralph Lauren T-shirt, Aeropostale jeans, brown shoes

19. Wishing for:
More money. Desperately.

20. Wanting:
Not to feel so lonely and drained right now.

26. The last thing you drank:

27. Something you are deathly afraid of:

28. Do you like candles:
Not really, I think candles are way overrated.

31. Do you believe in love:

32. Do you believe in soul mates:
That's a tough one. I'll say no for now, because I don't know anyone in my life who's ever met their soul mate. I know plenty of people that have met someone compatible with them, but I don't really see that deep of a connection.

35. Do you believe in God:


47. Are you shy around your crush?:
Shy? No. Awkward? Yes.

48. Do you have feelings for anyone from your past?
No, not really

49. Do you know what it feels like to be in love?:
I guess


51. Where is your favorite place to shop?:
I really like Banana Republic when I can afford it, which is very rarely. Most times, it's usually Express or the Gap.

53. What is your favorite thing to wear?:
T-shirt, jeans and flip-flops

54. What is a must have accessory?
A cool belt buckle

55. How much is the most you've ever spent in a single clothing store?:
That white blazer I wore this weekend put a lovely $180 dent in my wallet. I never buy clothes at regular price...I think that was the first time ever in my life I spent more than $50 on a single piece of clothing, but I just had to have it. And now it has wine spots on it. Lovely.

61. Do you do drugs?
Never have

62.What kind of soap do you use?:
Axe shower gel. Super chotchy, I know.

63.What are you listening to right now?:

65. Who was the last person that called you?:
A possible subleaser in SJ

66. Where do you want to get married?:
I have no idea.

67. How many buddies are online right now?
I never use AIM

68. What are essentials in your life?:
Pens, money, my wallet which has my life in it, phone, Internet access

69. Do you send out holiday cards each year?:
No, sadly

70. Hair right now?:
Very short

71. Mood:
Thursday, April 13th, 2006
3:55 pm
Ha! My mom sent me this link:

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
8:39 pm
YES! The dad from "Step By Step" is going to play a character on "The Bold and the Beautiful."
Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
10:31 pm
Nobody's gonna love me better
There's a remix to "Stickwitu" that I also enjoy turning up really loud and singing along to.
And now I don't feel as guilty as before since a guy is singing on it.
Monday, January 23rd, 2006
5:52 pm
For those who grew up in the Detroit area...
Remember Diitrich Furs commercials? One of my friends just brought it up. They had the barely-hot models with 80s hair posing in fur coats. And they had that really catchy, jazzy song...

"Ooooooooh, Diiiii-trich Furs..."
Thursday, January 5th, 2006
9:18 pm
Can you imagine?
Whenever "Stickwitu" by Pussycat Dolls comes on the radio in my car, I'm compelled to turn it up really loud and sing along.

Just thought you'd like to know.
Thursday, December 15th, 2005
12:13 am
1. Freep apprentice
2. Cashier at K-Mart
3. The State News
4. Internships

1. Forrest Gump
2. Coming to America
3. Trading Places
4. Airplane!

1. Nuremberg, Germany
2. Detroit
3. Ypsilanti
4. East Lansing

1. Desperate Housewives
2. The Young & the Restless
3. The Simpsons
4. Family Guy

1. California
2. Chicago
3. Ohio! (fun!)
4. Canada

1. LiveJournal
2. Facebook
3. mail.msu.edu
4. Gmail

1. Sunday's in Ypsilanti
2. Xochimilco's in Detroit
3. Big Ten Burrito in East Lansing
4. Taco Bell

1. MexiMelts
2. Spaghetti
3. Chocolate chip cookies
4. Oreos

1. State
2. Ypsi High
3. Cornerstone Middle School
4. Chrysler Elementary School

1. In bed
2. Home in Ypsi
3. The bar
4. Anywhere but here (the library)
Monday, December 12th, 2005
5:26 am
College should be three years. Seriously. It's 5:30 a.m. and I've been in the library since about 11 p.m., and I've been trying to write this four-page paper forever and I only have one page. One fucking page. And it's about slavery! You'd think I'd be all over it. Did I mention that I've been spending every night in the library for the past week (except for Wednesday night and the Holiday Gala)? That's right...get here around 10-11-ish, then stay 'til around 4 a.m., sleep 'til whenever, run afternoon errands and do it all over again. I seriously think people are all schooled out after three years. I mean, if community colleges are two years, then wouldn't the next step be a three-year college? And then grad school would be four years. It makes way more sense that way.

Plus, I've seen more high school classmates at the library in tne past few days than in the actual three-year span we've actually been in college.
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
12:59 pm
Holy crap...read the first postcard on today's PostSecret. How evil is that?
Friday, October 28th, 2005
9:18 pm
I decided to take Krissi Xenakis' advice and go dressed as Fonzworth Bentley (dancing umbrella guy in all the P.Diddy/OutKast videos) for Halloween. Luckily I have plenty of Fonzworth-esque clothing, sans a really nice umbrella. This will be the first time I've made a real effort to dress up for Halloween in about 10 years.
Friday, September 16th, 2005
11:06 am
I thought Ypsi High was supposed to be the "ghetto" school...

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
7:25 pm
Do you ever crave random foods, like waffle fries from All-American Pita? Mmmm...waffle fries.
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
10:59 am
Apparently Scott has put me in charge of organizing a Metro Detroit intern lunch, since a good portion of the newsroom is interning somewhere in the area. I'm going to open this up to anyone interested.

Dates, times, locations? Anyone?
Sunday, April 24th, 2005
11:10 pm
well, duh

Your Taste in Music:

90's R&B: Highest Influence
80's R&B: High Influence
90's Hip Hop: High Influence
90's Pop: High Influence
Adult Alternative: High Influence
Classic Rock: High Influence
R&B: High Influence
80's Pop: Medium Influence
Hip Hop: Medium Influence
Alternative Rock: Low Influence
Country: Low Influence

This quiz had some very, very generic choices, though.
Monday, April 4th, 2005
10:25 pm
It's official, I'm going to be single forever.

Your dating personality profile:

Religious - Faith matters to you. It is the foundation that you build your life upon. You trust that God has a plan for you.
Big-Hearted - You are a kind and caring person. Your warmth is inviting, and your heart is a wellspring of love.
Liberal - Politics matters to you, and you aren't afraid to share your left-leaning views. You would never be caught voting for a conservative candidate.
Your date match profile:

Religious - You seek someone who is grounded in faith and who possesses religious values. You believe that a religious person can enhance your life.
Adventurous - You are looking for someone who is willing to try new things and experience life to its fullest. You need a companion who encourages you to take risks and do exciting things.
Stylish - You cannot put up with someone who is lacking in style. You want an original, someone with flare, someone with good taste.
Your Top Ten Traits

1. Religious
2. Big-Hearted
3. Liberal
4. Stylish
5. Adventurous
6. Romantic
7. Intellectual
8. Funny
9. Shy
10. Wealthy/Ambitious
Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Religious
2. Adventurous
3. Stylish
4. Practical
5. Conservative
6. Wealthy/Ambitious
7. Big-Hearted
8. Outgoing
9. Funny
10. Intellectual

Take the Online Dating Personality Quiz at Dating Diversions
Thursday, November 4th, 2004
1:10 pm
I found a kid from my high school on this Web site:

Sunday, October 17th, 2004
2:32 pm
fish tacos
You are Fish 'Tacos.' You might think you're
exotic and worldly-wise, but in reality you're
just a bunch of crap on toast. Repeat after
me: 'just because you put something in
quotation marks doesn't make it so.' And
'taco' isn't Spanish for 'toast.'

What Weight Watchers recipe card from 1974 are you?
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